Money in your CPF and Nomination


If you have made a nomination under the CPF Act, your nominee shall be entitled to the funds in certain CPF accounts regardless of what is stated in your Will. If you have not made a nomination, your funds will be distributed under the law in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act.

Even if you have […]

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What happens to my CPF Nomination upon divorce?


Divorce does not revoke your previous nomination. This is because you may still wish to provide for your ex-spouses and children. You may therefore wish to re-nominate when divorce takes place.

What happens to my CPF Nomination upon divorce?2016-06-10T20:22:04+08:00

If I already have a Will, do I still need to do a CPF Nomination?


Yes, you still need to nominate because the distribution of your CPF savings, DPS sum insured, shares in an approved corporation, fixed deposits under CPFIS-SA and ERS, is by way of nomination.

If I already have a Will, do I still need to do a CPF Nomination?2016-06-10T20:21:28+08:00

What items are covered by CPF Nomination?


If you have a valid CPF Nomination, the following items will be distributed to your Nominees in the proportion as stated in your Nomination upon your death:

  1. Savings in the Ordinary, Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts;
  2. Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) insured sum;
  3. Discounted Singapore Telecom shares;
  4. Fixed deposits under the CPF Investment Scheme […]
What items are covered by CPF Nomination?2016-06-10T20:20:17+08:00

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