Wills Online is one of our premium and popular Online Legal Services. By submission of Wills Online, it minimizes the need for a first appointment for Wills instructions saving money and time for both the client and the Lawyer.

In the traditional method, you will need to give instructions to your Singapore Wills Lawyer by meeting him in his office. There will be a second or third appointments to meet him again to discuss further or to sign the final Will.

By Wills Online, which has been available since 2001, this eliminates the necessity to obtain information and particulars at the first meeting. Our intuitive and innovative form allows our applicant to submit relevant details and instructions through the online form.

Once a Wills Online application has been received by Loh Eben Ong, our Lawyers and/or our paralegals will review each application, and may contact the applicant for more particulars or information.

The applicant in the meantime can proceed to Schedule an Appointment giving a recommended 5 working days’ allowance for our Singapore Wills Lawyers to prepare the first draft.

During the appointment, you will be presented with a draft Will, and the Lawyer will discuss the draft Will with you. Thereafter, the draft Will may be further amended, but if there is none, you may proceed to sign the Will.

Unless there is substantial changes or amendments to your initial instructions, most of the minor amendments to your draft Will will be done on the spot. Do note however if the initial instructions differ substantially from that given initially, there may be additional reasonable costs incurred.